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At Rim Country Flowers we are here to help you with all your Floral and Gift needs.  With our location right on Main Street we are conveniently located to pick up a ready made floral arrangement, shop for a gift for that special occasion or order a customized arrangement for someone special.

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Popular Floral Arrangements​​​​ &

Birthdays | Anniversaries | Sympathy | Weddings  |  Prom/Dance  |  Just Because

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  1. Yellow roses, daisies, purple and yellow arrangment
    Sweetheart Vase Mixed Flowers
    Starting at $30.95
  2. Just Because
    Just Because
    Starting at $17.95
  3. Roses & Stargazers
    Roses & Stargazers
    Starting at $99.95
  4. Sunflowers
    Sunflower Dream
    Starting at $39.95
  5. Fucsia Mixed Arrangement
    Fucsia Mixed Arrangement
    Starting at $76.95
  6. Just Peachy
    Just Peachy
    Starting at $42.95
  7. Country Times
    Country Times
    Starting at $38.95
  8. Thinking of You
    Thinking of You
    Starting at $45.95
  9. Stay out of the Doghouse
    Stay out of the Doghouse
    Starting at $129.95
  10. Bright Elegant Arrangement
    Bright Elegant Arrangement
    Starting at $199.95
  11. Gerbera Daisy Basket
    Gerbera Daisy Basket
    Starting at $155.95
  12. Sunflower Basket
    Sunflower Basket
    Starting at $195.95
  13. White Elegance
    White Elegance
    Starting at $179.95
  14. Mixed Sunflower Spray
    Mixed Sunflower Spray
    Starting at $225.95
  15. White Elegant Arrangement
    White Elegant Arrangement
    Starting at $395.95
  16. Mixed Flower Arrangement
    Mixed Flower Arrangement
    Starting at $325.95
  17. White Reindeer
    White Reindeer
    Starting at $37.95
  18. Make a Statement
    Make a Statement
    Starting at $205.95
  19. Sweet Holiday Arrangement
    Sweet Holiday Arrangement
    Starting at $55.95
  20. Rose Bud Vase
    Rose Bud Vase
    Starting at $22.95
  21. Sympathy Arrangement
    Sympathy Arrangement
    Starting at $174.95
  22. Bring in the New Year
    Bring in the New Year
    Starting at $54.95
  23. Sunflower Mixed Arrangement
    Sunflower Mixed Arrangement
    Starting at $48.95
  24. Elegant Bouquet
    Elegant Bouquet
    Starting at $149.95
  25. Salmon Casket Spray
    Salmon Casket Spray
    Starting at $299.95
  26. Bring on the Season
    Bring on the Season
    Starting at $39.95
  27. Holiday Cup of Cheer
    Holiday Cup of Cheer
    Starting at $24.95
  28. Wrist Corsage
    Wrist Corsage
    Starting at $38.95
  29. Wrist Corsage
    Wrist Corsage
    Starting at $38.95
  30. Pop of Sunshine
    Pop of Sunshine
    Starting at $37.95
  31. Sunflower Casket Spray
    Sunflower Casket Spray
    Starting at $195.95
  32. Holiday Centerpeiece
    Holiday Centerpeiece
    Starting at $65.95
  33. Mixed Greens
    Mixed Greens
    Starting at $75.95
  34. Simply Elegant
    Simply Elegant
    Starting at $92.95
  35. Sunny Days
    Sunny Days
    Starting at $69.95
  36. Pink & White
    Pink & White
    Starting at $36.95
  37. Orchids w/Evergreens
    Orchids w/Evergreens
    Starting at $56.95
  38. Pink & White Easel Arrangement
    Pink & White Easel Arrangement
    Starting at $189.95
  39. Elegant Mixed Arrangement
    Elegant Mixed Arrangement
    Starting at $220.95
  40. Sunflower Beauties
    Sunflower Beauties
    Starting at $74.95
  41. White & Lavender Sympathy
    White & Lavender Sympathy
    Starting at $220.95
  42. Holiday Cheer
    Holiday Cheer
    Starting at $46.95
  43. Pink & White Bouquet
    Pink & White Bouquet
    Starting at $175.95
  44. Pink Gerbers
    Pink Gerbers
    Starting at $92.95
  45. Sunflower Happiness
    Sunflower Happiness
    Starting at $41.95
  46. Simply Elegant White Casket Spray
    Simply Elegant White Casket Spray
    Starting at $295.95
  47. Mixed Floral Heart Wreath
    Mixed Floral Heart Wreath
    Starting at $199.95
  48. Holiday Arrangement
    Holiday Arrangement
    Starting at $45.95
  49. Christmas Greetings
    Christmas Greetings
    Starting at $60.95
  50. Sunflower Sympathy Arrangement
    Sunflower Sympathy Arrangement
    Starting at $149.95
  51. Gerbera & Rose Vase
    Gerbera & Rose Vase
    Starting at $18.95
  52. Love You Always
    Love You Always
    Starting at $199.95
  53. Double Surprise
    Double Surprise
    Starting at $99.95
  54. Shades of Pink
    Shades of Pink
    Starting at $43.95
  55. Bright Day
    Bright Day
    Starting at $55.95
  56. One Day at a Time
    One Day at a Time
    Starting at $72.95
  57. Bird of Paradise
    Bird of Paradise
    Starting at $155.95
  58. Sunflower Wreath Arrangement
    Sunflower Wreath Arrangement
    Starting at $359.95
  59. Sunflower Casket Spray
    Sunflower Casket Spray
    Starting at $385.95
  60. White & Yellow Spray
    White & Yellow Spray
    Starting at $400.95
  61. Personalized Casket Spray
    Personalized Casket Spray
    Starting at $299.95
  62. Red White Blue Mixed Arrangement
    Red White Blue Mixed Arrangement
    Starting at $120.95
  63. Pumpkin Mixed Arrangement
    Pumpkin Mixed Arrangement
    Starting at $56.95
  64. White, Yellow & Lavender Sympathy Arrangement
    White, Yellow & Lavender Sympathy Arrangement
    Starting at $195.95
  65. Happy Days
    Happy Days
    Starting at $42.95
  66. Sunny Sunflower Arrangement
    Sunny Sunflower Arrangement
    Starting at $74.95
  67. Wrist Corsages
    Wrist Corsages
    Starting at $39.95
  68. Color Me Happy
    Color Me Happy
    Starting at $89.95
  69. Roses & Lilies
    Roses & Lilies
    Starting at $89.95
Your Floral Designer
June has 31 years of floral design experience.  She loves designing arrangements for every occasion and looks forward to helping her customers every step of the way.

Stop in to say HI and check out her great selection of Floral Arrangements and Gifts at RIM COUNTRY FLOWERS.


Call us today at 928-363-1674 to schedule your appointment to plan the flowers for your wedding.  We can help with all your bouquets, centerpieces, floral arrangements, corsages and boutonnières.

Rim Country Flowers is here for you for all your wedding flower needs.

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